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I started woodworking at school and progressed to an apprentice Patternmaker, qualifying in 1981 and resigned in 2007. During this time I made timber models for the motor industry, such as dashboards, consoles, mag wheels and lot of other items - all in timber. Outside of my working hours I made speaker boxes,pergolas and anything involving timber for friends and family as gifts. And helped out with any other timber repairs they needed. During this time I purchased the machines required to make all the items that you see on this website. I have a workshop with many hand tools, machines and a CNC machine which enables me to do custom 3D designs and engraving and many other things.

I began my own Handyman business, Wilem the Fixer in 2007. But soon found it was to hard on my back, so resorted to a lighter workload in 2010, which started Willems Woodwork.

My search involves finding timber as I travel to various parts of Victoria and NSW, mainly around Tocumwal(where I am at the Foreshore Market on most occasions) and Taree. Many logs are found including Redgum, Boree,Talowood, Bluegum, Greygum and Ash and taken back to Melbourne for milling and storage till dry.

A great deal of time is spent looking for trees and burls which have succumbed to the elements of nature and my philosophy is to not destroy any living trees. Sometimes I am unable to salvage timber for myself or don't have the time to find or mill myself, so I turn to portable mill operators who specialize in salvaging timber from the gardens around Victoria. Many exotic species as well as native timbers are available in this manner. My preference is to work with the native timbers as this showcases the best of our timbers to the rest of the world.

All items you see on this site are in stock or made to order ASAP to your specifications. Please call 0418 365 251 or email willemswoodwork@bigpond.com so I can produce what you want.